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A Talk With One of Our Own on Women Veterans Day 2020

Today, June 12, honors our lady heroes with Women Veterans Day, an occasion to recognize the important contributions women make to our nation’s military. The day is especially important here in Texas, where we have the country’s largest number of women veterans—about 177,500!

In celebration of the day here at Veteran Energy, we talked with one of our own awesome employees, U.S. Army veteran Crystal C., who’s worked here since 2013. Here’s what Crystal had to say.

So how long were you in Army, and when did you get out? What made you decide to join? I mean, why the Army, in particular?

I was in the Army for five years. I was discharged in 2011. It was a recruiter by the name of Sgt. Butts who enlightened me to the fact that I could serve the country while continuing my degree. I chose the Army because they provided the most opportunities for jobs.

What kind of work did you do in the Army?

I was a 92A, which is an automated logistical specialist. I was responsible for managing and dispersing supplies.

Where were you stationed?

I was stationed in the U.S. at the 803rd Quartermaster Company in Opelika, Alabama.

What was the best thing about serving?

The best thing about serving in the military was learning different skills that I could apply to my everyday life as a civilian. These skills range from problem solving down to organization. I can pack a single suitcase with a week’s work of items for three people now that I have packed a rucksack a countless number of times (laughing).

I’d have to say that it was important for me to serve because it enabled me to gain a strong work ethic. In the army, we weren’t  allowed to slack. We had to finish each job to the best of our abilities. No if, ands or buts about it. This sense of structure and discipline has followed me until this day.

What were you doing here at Veteran Energy when you first started?

I started off as a residential sales rep and worked my way up to the position I’m in today, account research team lead.

Your husband, Phillip, works here, too. Who started first? How did that come about?

I started working at Veteran Energy first and my husband started a couple of months after me. I’d always tell him how much I loved working for this company because it felt like a family. So, he decided to join the family as well!

How do you like working here at Veteran Energy?

It’s an honor to work for a company that helps support our active military personnel, veterans and their families. This company lives up to its motto “Support Our Heroes!”


From all of us here at Veteran Energy, we’d like to thank Crystal and all our women veterans and current women military members for their service. You’re key in keeping our country safe. Happy Women Veterans Day.