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Fisher House

A hospital can be a lonely place to heal, especially when loved ones are far away. But this is often the case for many of our nation’s veterans and service members whose families can’t afford airfare or long stays in hotels. The Fisher House Foundation aims to change that.

Founded in 1991, this organization builds beautiful, comfortable homes at major military bases and VA medical centers throughout the U.S. and Europe. The homes are donated to the military and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Patients get to rehabilitate from injury and sickness in reassuring, pleasant surroundings in the company of loved ones who pay no lodging fees. The organization also helps to cover airfare and hotel expenses.

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Our Story

Veteran Energy began in 2010 with the idea of making electricity service something special. The company is dedicated to making a difference for those who put everything on the line for this country.

Today, we provide electricity for homes and businesses throughout Texas and give back a portion of each customer’s bill to the veteran support organization of their choice.

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