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Lone Star Veterans Association

For veterans, transitioning back to civilian life can be hard. Finding work can be tough, and coping with challenges such as physical injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder can be even tougher. Sometimes, it’s just difficult finding someone willing to listen.

Founded by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, Lone Star Veterans Association provides a community for returning service members. It is the largest organization for Texas veterans of these wars. The group offers support and counseling, advice on careers, social programs, events for families, community service projects, and it also advocates for the needs of veterans. It is based in the greater Houston area.

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Lone Star Veterans Association

Our Story

Veteran Energy began in 2010 with the idea of making electricity service something special. The company is dedicated to making a difference for those who put everything on the line for this country.

Today, we provide electricity for homes and businesses throughout Texas and give back a portion of each customer’s bill to the veteran support organization of their choice.

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